Route Overview 
From Milford east to Tuesley Farm before climbing up the National Trust Hydons Ball for far reaching views to the South Downs. Return via the Greensand Way through the pretty village of Hambledon, take in some sandy bridlepaths across Witley Common, before tracking along West Surrey Golf Club and the quiet lanes of Enton Green.

Places of interest: Hydons Ball National Trust | Zoo Cafe Milford

Turn left out of Milford Station along Station Lane, past Enton Lakes on the left, and bearing left at Enton Green. The road continues through fields to Hydestile crossroads – go straight across and climb up Salt Lane. At a long junction, look out for Hydons Ball car park on the right hand side. Turn right up the bridlepath (Photo 1). Follow this wide path up through the woods. After about 10 minutes you will see a path to the summit on your right. This is worth the push up for spectacular views of the Surrey Hills, with a memorial bench at the top to Octavia Hill, one of the National Trust Founders. You can either return down the hill the way you came, or take one of the steeper hills down to the south – all will meet up with the main bridleway eventually!
Follow the main bridle way around the hill to the right, and at a junction of 4 paths, turn left. You’ll see fields and a gate. Go through the gate and head straight up the field, where the path meets the Greensand Way. Turn right along the Greensand Way and emerge at the car park by Hambledon church. Follow the Lane down the hill and at the junction turn left on to Hambledon Road. Follow the road up the hill and then down into Hambledon village. Carry on straight ahead down Malthouse Lane past the school and Village Hall.
Turn right into the woods along the bridleway on the right and follow the wide path. At a cross roads bear right on the same bridlepath, and after a while the path turns to the left and joins Sweetwater Lane. At a junction by a lake, turn right into Water Lane. Another Beautiful and unspoilt quiet lane, follow it into Enton Green, where you turn left back to Station Lane and Milford Station. Look out for drinks, waffles and pizzas at Zoo Cafe at Milford Station.



Approx Time

90 mins

On/off road

Off Road



Start & Finish stations