Route Overview 
A moderate off-road ride from Milford station taking in some of Surrey’s best heathlands including Rodborough Common, Thursley Common Witley Common.

Places of interest: Zoo Cafe Milford Station

Follow the bridlepath through the Common until it reaches another metalled road, Borough Farm Road.
Cross the road onto the drive near a house, and follow the bridleway past it and downhill. Turn left and continue until you reach a gate on to Thursley Common. Turn left through the woods on Bridleway 113. There are smaller trails parallel to the Hammer Ponds off on the left which are interesting to explore, all join up with the main bridleway – keep going straight until you can see and hear the A3, and turn right up the bridlepath (still on the common). This path runs parallel to the A3 but eventually emerges in Thursley village.



Approx Time

2 hrs+

On/off road

Off Road



Start & Finish stations