We offer training sessions for any school or community group, with the aim of making travelling by train easier and encouraging independent travel.

Our Train2Travel package is designed for year 6 students but can be adapted, covering:

  • Where to find information in advance of your journey
  • How to buy tickets
  • What to do at a station
  • How to get around a station
  • What to take with you on a trip
  • How to behave on a train
  • What to do in an emergency
  • General rail safety
  • And much more……

The training can be tailored to any age of school pupil or any type of community group and is FREE!

Following the training, we may be able to organise a “Try the Train for free” event on the railway courtesy of South Western Railway.  This is always dependent on staff resources and availability of their Station Ambassadors and requires a 6 – 8 week planning period, but may include:

  • A free local trip on South Western Railway to put everything learned in the Train2Travel package into practice
  • Station visits
  • Demonstrations of buying tickets
  • Talks by local train staff

To book or find out more please call Lucy 07988 043870 or hills2downs@gmail.com